A Bit Of Spring Fever

Leave it to Albre to help us forget about all the snow covered roadways and our frost bitten feet. In the latest edition of Slice Magazine, Albre is giving winter a run for its money. Below are ways you can also look and feel as great as Albre does in this amazing spread.


The retailers are giving us a glimpse of how awesome the colors for Spring 2015 will be. On the runway this year, many trend popped up. From my favorite bright colors like green and yellows to amazing graphic prints in bold colors the ideas are endless. Lace and waist belts were also on trend. Just think of any color that would make you smile…Yep that one was on the runway too!


The easiest way for me to feel pretty is to wear a great Spring dress. It just brings out the lady in you. Floral prints and full skirts really tickle my fashion heart. You can find many great options to achieve the above looks. One place that is a must shop is Cache’ clothing. They have an amazing color selection and believe me, the fit there is like none other. They know how to dress a ladies body. The service will make you come back season after season to be styled by the best wardrobe styling team in the city. The stylist at Cache’ make sure to give you A+ service. You will walk away wondering why it took you so long to walk into the “Golden Palace” better know as Cache’. Visit them in Penn Square Mall on the first floor or go to www.cache.com. Be ready for this dress to last you for many seasons to come.


After you got the dress, finish the look with your locks. Your hair must also transition from winter to spring. For some it is time to update your color and for others a great cut could really give your Spring alter ego a boost! Believe it or not, Oklahoma has some very blessed hands for us to utilize. Most hairstylist don’t go for the quick buck anymore, they want repeat customers. No it is not simply selfish hairstylist only wanting to monetarily gain from this, but I have seen them transform their clients hair. They aim to make hair healthy for the long run. I know an amazing gem in the Midtown area that will leave your hair full of live. His name is Dezjuan Jackson. He works with the wonderful and equally talented Royal Hair Styling and Barber team. They make women beautiful for a living! Call to book your appointment today at (405) 231-2117. Let me know how you feel when you leave!


Some ladies may be happy to hear that flats were all the rave this year on the runway. I mean I live for a good heel, but due to the nature of my job, I have always wanted to try out this trend. Now many shoe retailers and taken on the flat footwear challenge and are ready to convert the highest of heel wearers to adorn a more comfy fashion forward flat. Now these are no flip flops, but well crafted shoes that can be dressed up or down. Have you ever wore your heels somewhere and couldn’t wait to get to your car to switch into some flats that pretty much save your day at that point? I sure have. Working runway shows in heels is never a challenge until you stop moving! Once you stop, your feet scream to the heavens to be saved.  Now that shoe retailers have figured out that flats don’t mean flat ugly, I am such a fan! I found great and inexpensive pairs online at www.aldoshoes.com. The best thing about Aldo is that they have great selections for women and men. So use these tips to spring into the season fabulously Brink style!

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