Be Powerful in Black


With the plethora of colors that most people are wearing nowadays, many forget to indulge in the the beauty basics. Black is a color that works for all.  The color Black is edgy, chic and best of all body flattering. When I want to exude power, I love going to my staple black suit or dress.  It is very direct and eye catching without you trying too hard.  Lakyn shows how a simple black jumper can become an amazing outfit. By sticking with neutral colors to adorn the black jumper, you can see how the gold necklace is the only needed accessory (besides a sleek ponytail or loose bun) to make this outfit gorgeous.

I start off by wearing my jumper to work. I add a blazer and great heels to complete the business ready look. Once I am done, I can easily remove the blazer, add an amazing necklace and pull my hair back into a sleek ponytail to go join my girls for wine.  They always think I leave work and run home to get all dressed up to meet them. NOT! Just a simple change up in the car and I am ready for the downtown nightlife! Try this simple idea and send me photos of your creative outfits! Remember, black is never boring or basic, but always edgy and chic.

Stay Fashion Forward!

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