Catching Up With Adrianna

Model: Adrianna Standfill 

Representation: Brink Models – OKC, DAS Models – Miami, Kim Dawson Agency – Dallas

Location: Miami

Instagram: @adriannastandfill

How did you get started in modeling?

At age 13 my mom one day said: “Adrianna do you wanna try modeling?” I wasn’t so sure about that idea but thought why not. We submitted some pictures to the agency that was called “Anthony David Agency”. We then got a call right after submitting photos and information that they would like to meet with me. The next morning I met with Heather Rouba who was co-owner of Anthony David and got signed that morning! In the midst of it all, I couldn’t believe I was going to start a new journey! I’m so thankful and blessed to be where I’m at doing what I love and being able to inspire many! It’s been a positive whirlwind!

How are you liking Miami?

From being born and raised in Oklahoma to now living and working in Miami it couldn’t get any better. Oklahoma and Miami are both very different, a good different. I’ve met so many diverse people and it’s been amazing getting to see many cultures interact with one another as well as having different cultures respect each other’s differences. We are all different and unique in our own way.

You have been doing so well! I know you’re working a lot. What are the most noteworthy jobs you have booked in Miami so far?

God has given me many amazing opportunities and still continues to bless me. One opportunity that I am so thankful for is being able to do what I love in Miami. I’ve been working so much, such as constant photo shoots, castings, appearances and the list goes on. On March 18th, 2017, I attended the Little Lighthouse Foundations Heart and Stars Gala. I was so honored to be a part of the Little Lighthouse Foundation on this special night because their mission is to assist children and their families in Florida who struggle with educational, financial, and medical hardships. April 10th 2017, I represented IShine 365 on a TV segment for Wynwood Miami, showcasing many swimsuits that will be shown at Miami’s Wynwood Fashion Show on April 21st-23rd. On April 21st-23rd, I modeled for IShine 365 and KoKo and Palenki. I am forever thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve been given and that are yet to come.

What is your best beauty tip?

My best beauty tip is keeping your skin naturally healthy, clean and flawless. Natural is beautiful.

What is your all-time favorite meal?

My all time favorite meal is salmon with vegetables on the side. It is rich in protein as well as many vitamins and mineral essentials for good health.

Adrianna behind the scenes at the Miami Fashion Show representing ISHINE 365 and KoKo

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