Love is in the air at Brink…

The month of love is upon us. The time of year is here to show your loved one how special they truly are to you. I wanted to share with you some awesome ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day. So sit back and take a love journey with Allie and Easton. They are stunning in the pages of Brides of Oklahoma magazine.

 Have A World Class Dining Experience:

How many times have you guys went to your favorite chain restaurant? Yeah I know the cheese sticks are great there, but live a little!  We have all driven past that local cozy, yet posh restaurant on our drive home. Don’t you wonder what their food is like? I’d be willing to bet it’s amazing! I find the best foods are hidden in the places we never dare to go. Let’s also remember by supporting our local businesses, this is only going to assist with our communities flourishing! But back to the food…. This tip will require you to do a little research. You will want to make sure the restaurant will cater to the taste of you and your guest. No matter how gorgeous a place is, if you are feeding me shrimp, you just lost major points! So I love to go to the website of the restaurant before I dine. Then you are able to review the menu to confirm there are several choices you both will love. I always walk away from this with a dish I have to try!

Some great deals for Valentines is the Progressive Dinner served by the Western Concepts restaurant group here in Oklahoma City. You get to dine at Sushi Neko for appetizers an sake. Then you go for an amazing steak dinner with wine at Musashi’s. After this your last stop is for dessert and cheeses all paired with cocktails or champagne at The Lobby Café and Bar. This wonderful experience is only $120 per person. With the personal concierge service, this is a winner! You can view and book this at www.musashis.com.

Another amazing choice is one of my favs, Rococo’s Restaurant. Bruce Rinehart is the spirited owner.  Executive chef Jason Bustamante adds the finishing touches to the great duo. This is one of those amazing places were you will catch the owner Bruce himself walking around mingling with new and returning guest. He really cares about his guest having the best every time you visit. Go and try the Rococo Love Salad….perfect huh?! I thought so. Check out the menu at www.rococo-restaurant.com.

If you can’t make it in for Valentine’s Day, these offers will still be available!

Make Memories That Will Last Until Next Year: 

So now  let’s discuss what fun activities you could to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If your lady is anything like me, she would love to do something memorable, but not necessarily expensive at all.

~Waters Edge Winery~

Who doesn’t love an amazing glass of wine? We have a gorgeous new addition to Oklahoma’s Historic Automobile Alley. It is Waters Edge Winery. It is a family owned winery a  that it is a must see! This could be a great and unique gift to provide a loved one. You both could create your own personal labels or even a vintage.  Or you could simply sit down to a mouth-quenching wine tasting and some delicious tapas. Make sure you do not leave before trying my personal favorite hands down…the almighty Almond Sparkle! It’s the best glass of bubbly I have had hands down. Make sure to take a bottle with you. You can thank me later. Go to wewokc.net for more details.

~The Cabins At Broken Bow~

With all the smaller towns close to us, you don’t have to go really far to find something neat to do. There are really cute cabins for rent in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. They range in pricing, but there is something for all budgets. Go to www.brokenbowcabinlodgin.com to obtain more details about the available cabins. Ladies…how about you rent a cabin for the weekend. Decorate the cabin, cook a nice steak dinner and take a boat or canoe ride together. Take along some strawberries and enjoy the simple things in life with the one you care for the most. 

~The Riding Stables in Oklahoma City~

Another closer choice would be to go horseback riding. I love horses and actually love the outdoors (as long as I can stay cute).  The Riding Stables in Oklahoma City provides 6,000 acres of scenic land to ride around at Lake Stanley Draper. There are one or two hour horseback rides that you can book. New to riding…No problem! They have guided or non-guided tours available. The cost is only $25 per rider for a two hour ride. How romantic would it be to ride off into the sunset with your sweetheart? Now that’s amore!

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