Meet Marissa

Name: Marissa Long

Agencies: NEXT Worldwide, Kim Dawson Agency, Eye Model Management

Age: 17

Instagram: @marissaggrace

How and when were you discovered? Did you always want to pursue modeling?

I was going to a high school in Tulsa Oklahoma, and there was a girl there who had seen me around and happened to be friends with photographer, Don Nixon that worked for Brink, so she sent me a direct message to see if I had ever thought about modeling, which I hadn’t. I was pursuing dance for several years and modeling hadn’t crossed my mind. But it interested me so I just went with it. She set up a shoot with Don for me and I signed with Brink after that day! And that was May of 2016 I believe when she sent me that message.


What has been your favorite experience modeling so far?

One of my favorite experiences is just getting to travel, I love being on planes and the feeling of going all over the place. But besides that I got to shoot a campaign for a clothing line called garage on Newport Beach California, and it was an amazing couple of days. The other models there so much fun and we spent the days shooting with icecream and skateboards and running around in the ocean water.

What is your dream modeling job?

It might be weird but I’ve never really thought about it, but then again anything for Yves Saint Laurent or Victorias Secret would be really exciting.


If you had to say–what three things make a great model?

Definitely being yourself completely, always being appreciative and thankful for anything, and staying humble.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go to the gym or a dance class, or just pamper myself and make a good snack and stay comfy in bed with a face mask on.

Who do you admire the most – fashion or otherwise?

I admire Cara Delevingne as a celebrity, she’s always doing so many different things, and you can tell she stays genuine throughout her careers. Other than that I admire my mom, she always pushes me and stays loving and supportive.


What is something that someone wouldn’t expect to know about you?

People might be not expect to know that I can play the piano, the violin, and sing, I’ve always been into music, and musical theatre and anything performing arts. Including dance which has been my passion for a while.

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