New York Fashion Week 2016



What happens when you send Oklahoma Girls to New York City

for Fashion Week?

It turns out, they take it by storm.



Elise: Brink Model Management // Supreme Management




Ariana: Brink Model Management // Fenton Model Management // Campbell Models



Our girls had a week full of castings, shows, shoots, hair and makeup, and cold weather. The girls walked for names like Creatures of Comfort, Sophie Theallet, Dexter Dexter Dexter, and Rachel Zoe. Ari also had a presentation for Namilia (See the nautical inspired photo below).

Elise let us know a little more about what it felt like to experience. “Oh there are photographers everywhere…after the shows as you walk out of the building trying to get good ‘street style’ pictures. That part was fun because it felt like I was famous.”

“Most of the castings were packed! At some castings you would have to wait two hours just to be seen for a minute…maybe.”

Some of her favorite moments came when she had the opportunity to listen to people’s stories. She loved hearing the backstory of her hairdressers, makeup artists and other models.

One of the downsides of fashion week sounds like the food situation. I’m calling it The Hunger Games – New York Edition. For some reason, the people in charge of providing the food at fashion events always manage to forget that these girls are required to fit in to sample sizes. That means there are constantly free food tables hosting delicious and CARBlicious food. It just sits there mocking you. Elise said she tried to be good and would opt for a salad in most cases. She told me about a personal attack on her salad taking place in these Hunger Games. “So I was eating my salad and another model asked to have some. She ate half of my salad then asked for my water and some gum. She started to leave for a different casting and turned around to ask for a few almonds that she saw in my bag. I tried to give her a few and she took the entire container!”

Elise, you’re nicer than I am.

Check out their pictures to see what New York Fashion Week looks like through the eyes of our models!

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