Sweat My Swag

Alex shows you how to swag out sweatpants.


Who would dare to think wearing sweatpants is not just for going to pick up groceries? Only someone who dares to risk being different in order to create a great fashion moment.  As the winter approaches, most of us are digging out those old sweatpants that have the slight stain from painting last summer. Come on guys! You know the ones I am referring to. The ones that you wear only around those who are required to love you no matter how big of a fashion tragedy you may be. Yes the ones you have on right now while snuggled up on your sofa drinking your warm white chocolate latte (I’m wearing my faves right now).  Throw away those torn and tattered sweats and replace them with new ones.  A pair of well-made fitted sweatpants can be as hot as a pair of liquid leggings. You just have to let your inner swag out to really rock this trend. Here are a few tips on how you can make this trend work for you:


Tip#1 – Make sure the sweatpants are made out of a comfortable fabric, but that they actually fit you.

The fit of your clothing will make or break your look. For instance, if Alex had on a pair of over-sized sweatpants with his fitted button down and blazer, he would look as if he forgot the bottom half of a well put together outfit at home. Spoiling what could have been a day filled of style compliments for a day of side-eyes. Alex found his sweatpants at American Eagle.

Tip#2 – Your shoe choice should be a strategic way to create a color scheme.

Don’t be afraid to go daring on your shoe choice. You are wearing sweatpants, so you need to kick it up a notch on your shoe game. Grab those blue and yellow KD’s or your red New Balance shoes to add pop. You can then use these colors in your shirt and jacket selection!

Tip#3 – Try something other than a normal tee-shirt to go with them.

Don’t get me wrong, a great tee-shirt has its place in a fashion junkies closet. You just need to know when to utilize them. Since we have already choosen something basic for our pants, we can chose to add a touch of flare to our outfit with the top. So grab that fitted flanel shirt or long sleeved crop hoodie to adorn your sweatpants. Next all you need is a basic blazer or moto jacket to complete the look!

Try these simple tips when you are going out for errands and want to stay stylish throughout it all.

Brink Model: Alex Evans


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