The Brow Effect

Annie1Outside of keeping your skin healthy and happy, the base to a beautiful face lies in amazingly manicured eyebrows. Keeping my eyebrows neat and clean has been a ritual of mine for as long as I can remember. Walking out of the salon or nail shop after an eyebrow cleanup feels almost like me walking out of a hair salon with a fresh hairdo. It is a facial recharge for less than $10!

A beautifully constructed eyebrow creates the foundation for a great makeup look or an everyday natural beauty look. I believe that the eyes are one of our loveliest features… no matter the color. So our eyebrows should enhance them. Imagine for a second a set of big beautiful brown eyes sitting below bushy ill-shaped eyebrows. Or better those same great eyes underneath a penciled in thin line disguising themselves as eyebrows. Please stop and back away from the eye pencil!!! This should be seen as a beauty felony. Our gorgeous eyes deserve better people.  So I am here to help us do just that! Below are a few tips and suggestions for maintaining the perfect brow:



We probably all have encountered a bad eyebrow technician or two in our past. I know I have. I learned that you have to just wait it out. Sometimes the issue is one eyebrow and not both. In these situations, why make the other eyebrow misshaped to match the bad one? This is a point where I believe an eye brow pencil is a good tool. Just simply fill in the area on the affected side. Start filling in the brow lightly until you achieve a uniform look. Give your eyebrow time to heel from the tragedy waxing or threading mistake. Remember not to go over-board.


I see women walk into nail salons all the time and request an eyebrow arch. The technician takes you away to the back. You feel a sudden warmth sensation over your eyebrow, a quick pull or two and before you know it she is dangling a mirror in front of you asking if you like them. No consultation or anything. How do you know what I want or like my eyebrows to look like without asking me anything? Some of us don’t have cookie cutter eyebrow shapes. So this one arch fits all mindset just doesn’t work. So find a technician that will take the time to consult with you to make sure you get what you want. After you find them, keep them!

Looking for an amazing eyebrow technician? Here are a few to try…

Higher Xpectations Salon
13719 Fairhill Ave
Edmond, OK 73013-1946
(405) 755-5211

Sapphire Nail and Spa
7000 NW 122nd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
(405) 470-7221

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